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FarmTek Timing Devices Integration

From now on, Equestrian digital is compatible with FarmTek timing devices.

Precision can be set to either hundredths or thousands of a second, depending on the requirements. Hundredths are used more commonly.

This is the most practical timing device used in horse show. Besides being able to handle different sports they can used in Show Jumping events for speed, two-phase, jump-off and other classes.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the team at FarmTek for providing excellent support throughout our development process.

You can find more about them here.


ED FarmTek Adapter

Adaptador Ecuestre Digital - FarmTek

Our adapter is made with a two-piece solid aluminum encasing designed specifically for this purpose by Equestrian Digital.

It works with Polaris consoles and can be used simultaneously with the standard display.

This means that the running time can be displayed both in the large LED display as well as in the Video Streaming. From the countdown to the final time, everything will be displayed realtime.

Questions? Send us a message here.

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